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The Listening Conductor explores one of the most important aspects of choral training and development - the power of listening. Why do we need to listen in rehearsals? How do we develop and improve our listening? How does focussed listening impact on choral development? How does actively listening to a choir provide conductors with creative opportunities to improve ensemble?

Written in response to choral training and workshop events and as part of a highly competitive assistant conductor development programme, The Listening Conductor is full of unique exercises, hints and tips for vocal coaches and conductors. It aims not only to be a reference support to conductors of singing ensembles of all ages, sizes, genders and affiliations but to be the 'go to' book on the one discipline that all conductors of voices explore and use at every rehearsal.

Coupled with a companion podcast.


Simon Halsey CBE
Director of Choruses, LSO
Director of Choruses, CBSO

A treasure trove of ideas


Lucy Hollins
London Symphony Chorus
University of Warwick
Cambridge Philharmonic

An invaluable resource not just for conductors but for singers too


Dr Lyn Davies
Chair of Ty Cerdd

A stimulating read!

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